The CastLoaders range offers a variety of models with hydrostatic transmission 4WD.
The assortment is really wide, from the small 20T to the super equipped 45T which is also available with cabin and heating system.

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The ultimate Mini Articulated Loaders.

The CastLoaders line represents the best that the market can offer in terms of practicality, strength and reliability. Our machines are compact and lightweight, easily transportable and thanks to their reduced turning radius they can easily work on any kind of surface without damaging it.

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CAST 33T in action with flail mower, an indispensable attachment for the maintenance of grassy meadows when grass becomes too high or difficult to handle with a lawn mower. Particularly suitable to treat  grassy areas with shrubs. The video offers an overview of what this extraordinary machine can do with the use of different attachments.

We believe in our customer network. Employees and work ethic are the keys of our success.

Mr. Marco Bugin
(Cast Group CEO)

Cast Group is a self-propelled leader company in the sector of machinery and it’s specialized in the production of skid steer and articulated mini loaders. It operates worldwide and it’s settled in Mirano, near Venice.

An history made of passion for mechanics.

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